Portfolio of Paolo Fausone.

This is a selection of some of my projects.
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Bodhol is an editorial concept based on the idea of a newspaper treating just one topic for every issue. It was conceived in the environment of the free-press and the reducing popularity of paper (compared to web information). We wanted to express news in a simple and immediate way, so we decided to put advertisement always in the same position and use a lot of white space to focus on the meaningful information. Bodhol works as a little collectible encyclopaedia, that people can gather and keep for personal interest. Developed in collaboration with Vittoria Fontana.

Gapminder education

In collaboration with Hans Rosling and Gapminder Foundation I developed several potential user interfaces and data visualizations for the future education service that the Foundation is working on at the moment. This included coming up with a new corporate identity, an understandable language for different educational backgrounds, a set of visual reference points and of course wireframing and Information Architecture. Since the service has not been published yet, the images only refer to the development process and have no official relation to the final product or future advancements of it.


This prototype was developed as halfway between a music instrument and a wooden toy. The aim of the project was to create an interface layer between a sound object and its user. Backbells consists of a moving wooden board controlled via Arduino controller. Some metallic marbles are released rythmically, rolling on the grooves engraved on the board. According to the input given by the user (left or right) each marble follows a different path, hitting a different piece of xylophone that is placed at the end of the groove. The introduction of randomness dithers the perfomativity of the user, therefore never playing exactly what he wants and never the same song.


L.A.M.P.S. (acronym for License Agreements Made Plain and Simple) was my graduation project, a web service that allows users to better understand the content of a certain License Agreement. Most Internet users in fact sign for things that they are completely unaware of, concerning for example privacy and intellectual property. The user can, through a simple interface and a graphic interpretation of the terms, browse their content by topic and give personal feedback about the terms themselves. The whole service is based on user feedback through rating and on the system of icons and color codes.

Pento sweater

Bridging my textile and my graphic design skills, the Pento collection is the result of a series of studies on the innovative combination of jacquard and graphic dithering, allowing the reproduction of any kind of photographic image. The sweater, that features a mashup of textures and versatile wearability, is the outcome of this process, realized as a prototype for further development.

MEDes workshop

On the occasion of the annual event of the Master of European Design Workshop, we were commissioned to develop an identity and a communication strategy for the main communication channels. This involved the creation of meaningful and consistent content, the development of the graphics and the website. You can see it in action here.

Pretty random pictures

Hi! I'm a communication designer just graduated in the Master of European Design programme.

I love good, meaningful and beautiful design,
soy sauce and Disney movies.

I have a strong graphic design background, but very early I moved my focus in working in multidisciplinary environments and international groups of people. I try as much as I can to make the bridge between what is useful and what looks nice.

During my studies and travels I learnt about integrated design, participatory design, PSS design, new media, textile and strategic design. You can have a look at my skills and interests here.

Some of my focuses are web services and online collaboration, basic design and patterns, immersive installations and audiovisual performances but most of all I'm interested in... helping people solving problems!